How does it work?


Quick & Easy:

AgileCRM is fast and very simple to integrate to your company. This is key. In our philosophy, new technologies must simplify work instead of bureaucratizing it.
Creating or editing contacts is very easy with AgileCRM, as well as finding them later. By tagging your contacts and giving them categories, your entire database will be organized in the way that best suits you company. You can create tags for “clients”, “suppliers”, “officers” as basic categories, but you may also want to create more specific tags. For example, if your company has many hardware suppliers, you can create a new sub-category under “suppliers” named “hardware”.


AgileCRM can be accessed from any part of the world through any kind of device. Thanks to the Cloud Computing technology, our software does not rely on in-house servers, keeping a standard performance anywhere.
Cloud Computing allows generating daily automatic back-ups, and controlling the system functioning and speed should a back-up ever needs to be restored.
With AgileCRM there is no need for virtual private networks (VPN’s). You can access AgileCRM from an iPad or Android tablet by connecting to any Wi-fi network.

Manage your Salesforce:

With AgileCRM you will be able to treat every business opportunity in a determined and defined manner. The results are measurable. You will be able to view how many opportunities were capitalized or lost, or what the cash flow will be for the next months based on your company’s performance. You will also be able to measure you employees’ efficiency and analyze their strengths and weaknesses.

No investment:

AgileCRM is sold under a monthly license. There are no fixed contracts or high licensing costs, making it accessible to all companies that bet on tools that will surely contribute to the constant improvement of your business.

Unification of databases:

One of the greatest issues in many companies is the lack of a system that will unify the contact information of all employees in a single database. This is a fundamental pillar of any CRM system, and with AgileCRM this is easier than ever.


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